The Community Centre, an initiative of the Indian Dental Association(IDA) is a Centre to render oral health check-ups for the underserved, rural areas and communities in non-accessible / adivasi area. The Centre provides oral health services for peple who, for reasons of provery, culture, language, health, health status, geography or education, are unable to secure those services on their own.
National Oral Health Program
Conceptualised by IDA, National Oral Health Programme ensures optimal oral health for all through increased awareness, excellent service and high quality dental care. Under NOHP, IDA initiates various programmes to decrease disparities in oral health and to improve access to oral care and ultimately improve oral health.
National School Oral Health Program
Healthy Smile Happy Smile is IDA's endeavour to reach out to the children of the country and inculcate healthy oral healthcare habits. The campaign focuses on promoting healthy brushing habits and oral hygiene in an interactive way.
IDA Health Initiative