About Us

About IDA

The Indian Dental Association (IDA) is an authoritative, independent and recognised voice of dental professionals in India. We are committed to public oral health, ethics, science and advancement of dental professionals through its initiatives in advocacy, education, research and development of standards.

An authority on oral health, the association endeavors to meet the public needs and expectations. We acknowledge, that oral health is an integral part of general health and well-being. Therefore, our aim is to lead the nation to optimal oral health. We pledge our knowledge, experience and expertise for dental excellence and the advancement of dental professionals.

Along with this, we are committed to dental excellence and the advancement of dental professionals.


Our mission is to improve the oral health of the public by innovation in education, training, research, advocacy and related programmes. This translates into a commitment for dental excellence. Therefore, IDA is dedicated to supporting dental professionals in their practice by enhancing, updating skills and knowledge.

IDA endeavors to accomplish its mission of optimal oral health for all by:

  • Supporting new scientific innovations to meet the changing needs of society and promoting the well-being of the nation.
  • Preventing oral diseases by promoting oral health through awareness and dissemination of information.
  • Conducting Continuing Dental Education (CDE) and professional development programmes to ensure an adequate number of talented, skilled and dental care professionals.
  • Coordinating and assisting scientific and research-related activities among all sectors of the dental community.
  • Promoting the timely transfer of knowledge gained from research to improve public health by educating oral health professionals and policy-makers.

The association's vision is to improve oral health and quality of life and achieving 'optimal national oral health for all' by 2020. We also aim to represent the dental profession and support members in the provision of comprehensive and quality oral health care.

Code of Ethics

The association's vision is to improve oral health and quality of life and achieving 'optimal national oral health for all' by 2020. We also aim to represent the dental profession and support members in the provision of comprehensive and quality oral health care.

Goal and Core Values

Our goal is to enhance the nation’s overall health and well-being. IDA urges that oral health promotion, disease prevention, and oral health care have a presence in all health policy agendas set at local, state and national levels.

We aim to inform the public and dental professionals on ways to reduce the burden of oral disease through education, behavioral change, risk reduction, early diagnosis and disease prevention management. Set criteria and strong foundation for evaluating the scientific evidence, promoting awareness and effective interventions by the following:


Our programmes and activities to support research, research training, and information dissemination are scientific-based.


Our resources and programmes are managed, conducted and evaluated to uphold the trust placed in us by the public.


Our programmes and actions improve the oral health of every citizen and eliminate health disparities.

  • Strength
    • Building strong and lasting relationships
    • Working in team spirit
    • Acting responsibly with integrity and demonstrating strength.
  • Performance
    • Delivering on our promise to the members and to the public.
    • Always ensuring excellence.
    • Working together and striving to delight the public with best preventive and interceptive solutions for oral health care.
  • Passion
    • Passion, dedication, excellence and care reflects in everything we do.
    • We take our core values seriously. Our actions display our values.
Strategic Plan
IDA's 2010-15 Strategic Plan

The strategic plan for the Indian Dental Association (IDA) was developed following a detailed assessment of member feedback which identified the need to strengthen the dental fraternity. This information has allowed the association to chart a new course that builds upon the success of the past.

IDA was founded in 1945 so that dental professionals could pool their knowledge, skills and ability and come together in a professional environment. Broadly speaking, this future direction can be summarized as:

Members matter to us
  • We enhance membership experience - a one-stop shop or resource centre solution for all professional needs.
  • We aim to expand our network and cover 75% of registered dentists in India.
  • Strengthen IDA's leadership by internal expansion and outreach to non-members.
  • Build and reinforce IDA's value for its members and potential members.
  • Support through each phase of their profession (from establishment to expansion along with financial planning).
  • Enhance knowledge and advocacy efforts on supporting a strong profession, a united community and healthy public.
  • Aggressively defend dentists treatment through legal, legislative and administrative supports.
  • Provide extraordinary, sustainable support to members and their practices through oral health awareness campaigns.
  • IDA also oversees continuing education requirements for dentists with updates for skill enhancement.
  • Ensures government-mandated continuing education courses are accessible to all members.
  • Establish and set parameters for a web-based continuing education centre to conduct educational programmes.
  • Make Scientific Sessions a platform for professional meetings.
Advocate for dentistry
  • Establish IDA as the leading advocate for dentistry when interacting with government and regulatory agencies.
  • Enhance IDA’s involvement in key issues affecting dentistry through research, analysis and planning.
  • Forecast studies of oral health care needs, workforce capacity, financing and technology.
  • Develop long-term strategies for addressing issues defined in the forecasting research.
  • Educate and build public's confidence by informing them about efforts taken by dental professionals for knowledge up-gradation via CDE Accreditation and Dental Practice Accreditation Programmes.

Indian Dental Association's membership matters. The loyalty and hard work of more than 50,000 member dentists and 300 branches, continues to provide IDA with the strength and leadership to act as the voice of dentists in the advancement of oral health care for Indians. Collective support makes it possible for us to make a difference.

Together, as one strong body we support the profession, educate the public and advocate for health care that works. We aim to ensure the future of the profession, educate the public and advocate for health care that works. IDA takes pride in what we accomplish together for our Patients, the Public, our Practices and the Profession.

Welcome to the overview of the services, resources and opportunity available to you as a member of the Indian Dental Association (IDA).