About Us

About IDA Community Centre

The Community Centre, an initiative of the Indian Dental Association (IDA) has been set up to render oral health check-ups and treatment particularly for the underserved, adivasis and ethnic groups living in far flung rural and non-accessible areas of the country.

IDA Community Centre believes that every person is entitled to knowledge and oral health care. The Centre with the help of member dentists and volunteers provide oral health services and awareness programmes for these people who due to economical weakness, distance and location, culture, language or education face significant barriers in accessing oral health care services. Many of them don’t even know what oral health or dental care is! Today, efforts are being collaborated and steps taken by the community centre with partnering organizations to provide dental chairs and equipments to health care centres, hospitals and mobile units in the most remote stretches of rural India.

IDA Community Centre arranges oral health personnel trained in the subject of community dentistry to travel to villages and provide preventive, diagnostic, curative and emergency services to these communities. By regularly visiting these areas, adivasis and others can access oral health care services in their own villages thereby reducing the chances that they will receive oral care only in times of crisis.

IDA Community Centre is working towards well-informed communities with an entrepreneur attitude and the necessary knowledge and skills to engage in sustainable oral health care community centres that improve quality of life and community image.

Our Target Population

  • Adivasis
  • Tribal & Ethnic communities
  • Handicapped & Underprivileged persons
Startling Facts:

About 50% of India’s population suffers from gum disease (WHO Report) Dental disease prevalence in 35-44 year olds is at 80-95% (DCI Survey) 40 % of Indians not use a tooth brush (IMRB Survey) 1.5% dentists are available in rural India where 72% of Indian population resides (National Oral Health Survey)

HERE is Community Centre To HELP
  • Dental disease is almost entirely preventable.
  • Treat or prevent dental disease in its early stages.
  • Before it progresses to the point of chronic infection.
  • This results in gum and bone tissue loss and inevitable removal of teeth.
  • Infection from tooth disease can spread to other parts of the body and may even lead to death. Clearly, oral health is just as important as the health of the rest of the body.
  • Prevention is the key.

To provide cost effective and accessible oral health care to the underprivileged and needy people in rural and remotest areas of the country.


A comprehensive, coordinated approach for health education and promotion, care coordination and effective prevention is critical for improving the oral health of the underserved. The Community Centre operates on the following fundamental principles:

  • Prevention is essential which translates into educating families about taking charge of their own oral health.
  • Everyone deserves a dentist even the underserved populations to improve the oral health.
  • Availability of care alone will not maximize utilization but better attention to social or cultural issues and oral health education.
  • Treating the existing disease without educating the patient is a waste. Educating patients about risks and how to reduce them should be incorporated into every possible patient encounter. This will increase an understanding of how to stay healthy and prevent future disease.