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Oral Health Care Expenditure

The oro-dental problems are largely considered to be non-life threatening except oral cancer. The irony of the budget allocation in India is that, out of the total budget, the amount that is dedicated to health expenditure is very meagre (2%), and out of this amount only a minute percentage is allocated for oral health-related activities.

In fact, there is no specific separate allocation for oral health in the Indian budget. India allocated only 4.9% of the gross domestic product or gross domestic income for health-related expenditures in the last financial year, whereas other smaller Southeast Asian countries with smaller populations allocate nearly the same amount or more for health-related activities. According to World Bank statistics, the developed countries contribute around 7 to 11% of their GDP on health.

Due to this financial constraint, Indian population is compelled to ignore oral health. Under such circumstances, IDA's community center provides optimum oral health care to the lesser fortunate, without any pinch on their pocket.