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Oral Health Burden in India

Oral problems are emerging as one of the main public health concerns in India. Oral problems are not only causing pain, agony, functional, and aesthetic problems but also leads to the loss of working man-hours. Hence, in the long run, they are bound to have a significant impact on our economy.

The World Dental Federation estimates that 83% of children aged 6-19 years have dental caries;more than90% of the adult population is affected by periodontal disease. According to a survey, the prevalence of dental caries in children aged 5 years was 50%; 52.5% in 12 year olds; 61.4% in 15 year olds; 79.2% in 35-44 year olds; and 84.7% in 65- 74 year olds.

Consumption of tobacco products (smoking, and smokeless form) has also increased in the recent years. Hence, oral precancers and cancers are emerging as a major threat to younger people and are increasing to alarming proportion in India. Oral cancer is a life threatening condition and the available treatment modalities are expensive and are way beyond the reach of the common person.

They can be prevented and controlled by public education,  motivation and treatment to a significant level at Community Dental Centers.