About Us

Preventive Approach

Community Centre follows the fundamental principles given below:

  • Prevention is essential, which translates into educating families about taking charge of their own oral health.
  • Everyone deserves a dentist even the under served populations to improve the oral health.
  • Availability of care alone will not maximize utilization but social or cultural issues must also be dealt with.
  • Treating the existing disease without educating the patient is a waste. Educating patients about risks and how to reduce them should be incorporated into every possible encounter specially when dealing with a patient from disadvantaged and poor population groups. This will increase their understanding of how to stay healthy and prevent future disease.
Muskaan Card

Indian Dental Association offers Muskaan Card for preventive, interceptive, curative and educational oral health care for the disadvantaged and poor population groups. With the Muskaan Card, avail preventive oral- health check ups and education at IDA’s Community Centre, free or at nominal charge.