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Street Dentistry or Quackery has a hold

The oro-dental problems are largely ignored as they are considered to be non-life threatening. This has led to the presence of Street dentistry, a form of quackery, mostly in rural and remote places. It is the practice of unproven and ineffective medicine, usually in order to make money and treat common oral health problems.

This was further strengthened by a Consumer Attitudes Survey conducted recently by the Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB) revealing that only 47 percent of total treatments received are performed by licensed dentists.

Many of the quacks claim to have learnt the art of dentistry from their ancestors, but there are some quacks who are practicing dentistry after working previously as a dental assistant or observing some professional work in a dental office. The procedures carried out by these quacks are very undesirable, unhygienic, and sometimes dangerous to the patients. The unscientific practices of adulterated medicine and barbaric dental treatments have claimed lives of many people.

IDA advocates that the Government and Dental Council of India should put forward a strong policy to culminate this unethical practice and promote dental treatments to be done only by authentic dentists, registered with the Dental Councils.